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OSHA Residential Construction Fall Protection

11/12/2013 1:00 - 2:00 PM


Chris Hine


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Don’t fall without protection! With the residential construction industry going through the economical roller coaster over the past 7 years, builders and trade contractors have been focused on staying in business and may have overlooked the new OSHA Fall Protection regulations. The goal of this program is to review the regulation and provide options to protect against falls on the jobsite. We will look at areas of concern for fall protection, but also look at how to comply with specific areas. Not only could there be monetary implications due to noncompliance, but there are no warnings for someone falling from a 2-story roof.

Learning Objectives

  • Who is requiring and enforcing the fall protection requirements?
  • Why is residential fall protection important?
  • What areas on a Residential construction site require fall protection?
  • What are the key compents to complying with the Residential fall protection regulation


Free to attend; $20 for continuing education credits

Credit Hours


Tags: Residential Structures and Building Code Requirements



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