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Available Workshops

The PHRC has developed and maintains a wide array of training for all sectors of the construction industry with a focus on residential construction. These programs are intended to address technical issues facing the industry. The PHRC and PCCA work to offer various courses throughout the year, however, courses can be scheduled upon request for interested groups. The programs below are available:

Residential Building Scholar (RBS)/Residential Code Scholar (RCS)/Code Refresher

  • IRC Building (1 day)
  • IRC Plumbing (1 day)
  • IRC Mechanical (1 day)
  • IRC Electrical (1 day)
  • Residential Energy Codes (1 day)

Focused Topics

  • Advanced Framing – Increasing Performance & Reducing Costs (½ day)
  • Blueprint Reading (1 day)
  • Building with Exterior Rigid Foam (½ day)
  • International Residential Code Inspections (2 day)
  • Photovoltaic Installation and Inspection (1 day)
  • Residential Fire Sprinklers (1, 2 day)
  • Solar Hot Water Installation and Inspection (1 day)
  • Special Issues with Two-Family Dwellings and Townhouses (1 day)
  • Fundamentals of Exterior Plaster and Thin Stone Veneer Assemblies (1 day)
  • Energy Plan Review and Inspection (1 day)
  • Achieving Compliance with the International Energy Conservation Code in Commercial Occupancies (online)
  • Land Development Process (2 hour)
  • Stormwater 101 (2 hour)
  • Building Envelope Design and IECC Code Compliance (1 day)
  • Building Code Plan Review and Inspection (1 day)
  • Residential Deck Design and Construction (1 day)
  • Building with Exterior Rigid Foam (1 day)
  • Stormwater Regulations for Municipal Officials (1 hr – ½ day)
  • Residential Moisture Management - The 4D's (online)

Academy Programs

  • IRC - Building Essentials (4 days)
  • IRC - Plumbing Essentials (4 days)
  • IRC - Mechanical Essentials (4 days)
  • IRC - Electrical Essentials (4 days)
  • Residential Energy Code Essentials (2 days)
  • International Energy Conservation Code Essentials (2 days)
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The Pennsylvania Housing Research Center serves the home building industry and the residents of Pennsylvania by improving the quality and affordability of housing.

We conduct applied research, foster the development and commercialization of innovative technologies, and transfer appropriate technologies to the housing community.

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