Framing at base of window in house under construction

PHRC Project Plan

PHRC Project Plans are developed annually describe the activities and projects that will receive funding, in part or in full, from funds provided to the PHRC by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through the Act 157 of 2006 permit fee. This plan is submitted by June 30 each year to the Governor’s Center for Local Government and to the PHRC Industry Advisory Council.

Through Act 157 of 2006 the PHRC Industry Advisory Council (IAC) has the responsibility to prioritize activities and project topics.  This housing industry-based body consists of builders, developers, manufacturers, suppliers, remodelers, design professionals, industry associations as well as building code organizations and state agencies.  

The members of the IAC meets to discuss potential projects topics and vote on projects that they fell are the highest priority for the industry.  This voting results in a prioritization of projects.  The PHRC staff consider feasibility of the high-priority projects, given the resources available and the prevailing constraints on time, expertise, and facilities, and then develops the project plan for the forthcoming year.

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The Pennsylvania Housing Research Center serves the home building industry and the residents of Pennsylvania by improving the quality and affordability of housing.

We conduct applied research, foster the development and commercialization of innovative technologies, and transfer appropriate technologies to the housing community.

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