Anchor bolts in poured foundation wall

Multi-Hazard Resistant Residential Buildings Research Thrust

Full-scale or mockup testing of various components of residential buildings may be necessary to ensure adequate protection with respect to serviceability and safety criteria. The major safety related testing on exterior and interior wall panels include performance of mockups of the wall panels and windows under simulated earthquake (in-plane) and/or wind (out-of-plane) loading conditions. For safety against storms, tests such as air pressure testing and missile impact testing may be required. 

For serviceability performance, air and water leakage are usually the most frequently required tests on building envelope components and air- and water-proofing membranes. Standard test protocols are outlined by associations or societies such as American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) for different systems and materials. In most cases, the need for testing is based on the building code requirements where the satisfactory load resistance or performance under applicable loading conditions must be established through testing, in particular in cases where the system in not recognized by the building code. While structural wall panels must be designed to resist building code prescribed gravity and wind loads, systems that are not recognized by the code need to be tested to establish their adequacy.



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