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Housing Certificate at Penn State

This program is designed to provide undergraduate students with a means of developing some basic knowledge of housing and preparing for a career in the housing industry.

Housing, from low-rise detached houses to multi-unit, multi-story apartment buildings, from motels to high-rise hotels, from student residences to rural housing, is a major and vital component of the built environment. New single-family housing represents at least 4% of the GDP, and housing and its consequences account for about 12% of the GDP. With a national housing stock in excess of 110,000,000 units, the maintenance, operation, repair-- and especially the upgrading, retrofit and remodeling of the existing stock-- are a very important component of the national economy. Engineers have many important roles to play in the housing business, especially with the developmental, economic and technical aspects of housing.

The certificate program consists of courses that already exist, but the objective is to ensure that a minimum program of related courses is completed. It is recommended that the student take a set of complementary courses in the technology of housing, and / or the development process, and / or the design and the delivery processes and / or the real estate process. A certificate is to be awarded to students who complete the requirements. For entrance into the certificate program, students must be at least 5th semester. The GPA considered for admission will be consistent with or equivalent to the GPA required for entrance to any major in the student’s department. To continue in the program, students must earn a B grade or better in each required course. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for certification.


Students must complete A E 470 and choose 9 credits from the following: AE 471, AE 432, BE 462, CE 410W, CE/AE 542, RM 303, RM 450 totaling 12 credits.  


Housing Certificate Application Form

Specific questions regarding the minor may be directed to:

Dr. Ali Memari 
Bernard and Henrietta Hankin Chair of Residential Building Construction



The Pennsylvania Housing Research Center serves the home building industry and the residents of Pennsylvania by improving the quality and affordability of housing.

We conduct applied research, foster the development and commercialization of innovative technologies, and transfer appropriate technologies to the housing community.

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