PA Uniform Construction Code (UCC)

The Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC) regulates the codes and standards of building projects in the Commonwealth. The UCC has been enforced since April 2004 across Pennsylvania. Over 90% of Pennsylvania's 2,562 municipalities have elected to administer and enforce the UCC locally, using their own employees or via certified third-party agencies (private code enforcement agencies) that they have retained.

If a municipality has "OPTED-OUT," the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry (L&I) is responsible for all commercial code enforcement in that municipality. L&I also has sole jurisdiction for all elevators and all state-owned buildings, no matter where they are located. In these municipalities, a certified third-party agency is hired by property owners (or their contractors) enforce the residential requirements of the UCC.

For the municipalities who have elected to follow the UCC, the codes for which a construction permit is sought on, or after February 14, 2022, are the 2018 International Codes issued by the International Code Council (ICC) and the provisions amended by the UCC Review & Advisory Council (RAC). For more information on the 2018 ICC adoption, visit the PA Bulletin. Only these codes as first published and their errata are applicable in Pennsylvania.

The series of webpages below provide pertinent information regarding the PA Uniform Construction Code.

Introductory Information

Regarding the Codes for Pennsylvania

For Opted-Out Municipalities



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Code Training Options

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