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Webinar FAQ

About PHRC Webinars

1. When are your webinars?

Our webinars are typically held the second Tuesday of the month from 1:00-2:00pm and occasionally, on the last Thursday of the month from 11:00am-12:00pm.  

When relevant, we will host special webinars on timely topics. Keep up to date on our full list of upcoming webinars at our Webinar Index.

2. Do you have recordings of your past webinars?

Yes! Within a week or two of the live webinar offering, a link to the recording will be available on that webinar’s webpage. Our full list of past webinars and their recordings are available at our Webinar Index.

All webinars are archived after their live viewing. Contact Mindy Boffemmyer for any additional accessibility accommodations.

Please note: at this time, we are unable to issue continuing education credits for viewing recorded webinars. If you need on-demand continuing education, view our available On-Demand Courses.

3. How much do your webinars cost?

All of our webinars (past and upcoming) are FREE to view.  A continuing education credit certificate may be obtained after watching a live webinar, which costs $20. A link with instructions on how to obtain this certificate will be presented during the live webinar.  

4. Where can I see the full list of your webinars?

The full list of both upcoming and past webinars are located on at our Webinar Index.

5. I am interested in presenting for a PHRC webinar. How do I contact the PHRC?

The PHRC has an open Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for event speakers, which includes webinars. The PHRC seeks knowledgeable and dynamic speakers to present on Pennsylvania-applicable topics that align with the PHRC's mission & vision. Learn more and submit potential speakers at our Speaker RFQ form.

Accessing the Webinar

1. Do I need to pre-register for the webinar?

Yes! It is super simple, and you will automatically receive the Zoom webinar link. Also, you can easily add the webinar to your calendar and receive direct email reminders for each webinar.

2. How do I get into the webinar?

Either click on the 'Link to Webinar' on the webinar's PHRC webpage, or click the link that you received in your email inbox upon registration. 

3. How does Zoom work?

View a quick start guide to participating in a Zoom webinar. 

Continuing Education

1. What continuing education credits are available for your webinars?

Depending on the topic, each webinar is eligible for continuing education credit with one or more of the following groups: AIA, ICC, PA L&I, and NARI. Many webinars are also appropriate content for Pennsylvania licensed engineer PDHs. When appropriate, we will obtain preapproval for the webinar with the appropriate entities for continuing education credits, specifically AIA, ICC, and NARI. The webpage for each webinar will list the available continuing education credit opportunities. Be sure to review the specific webinar’s available continuing education credits to confirm. Regardless of the stated available continuing education credit, it is ultimately up to the individual to determine whether or not the webinar is appropriate to claim credit with a specific organization.

2. How do I receive the continuing education certificate?

The last slide of the live webinar will display a link to receive the continuing education certificate, and a password was given in the middle of the live webinar. Click this link, and register for your certificate by 6:00pm EST on the evening of the webinar broadcast before the link expires. It costs $20 to receive the continuing education certificate. You will be able to print the certificate directly from the confirmation page once your registration has been processed. You’ll also receive an email confirmation with a link to print the certificate through the CVENT interface, so be sure to check your spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox.

3. Can I receive a continuing education certificate for watching a recorded webinar?

At this time, we are unable to issue continuing education credits for viewing recorded webinars. If you need on-demand continuing education, view our available On-Demand Courses.

4. I have more than on person watching the live webinar with me on my computer.  Can others watching the live webinar also receive a continuing education certificate?

Yes! As long as the person looking for a continuing education certificate has watched the full live webinar and you have interacted with the poll questions throughout, each person watching the webinar may use the registration link presented at the end of the webinar to receive a certificate.

5. The organization for which I would like to receive continuing education credit is not listed on your certificate.  Can I still receive credit for your webinar?

Please double check the guidelines and requirements for your continuing education credits, e.g. how you may self-report applicable continuing education credits. Only the continuing education credits listed on the webinar’s webpage will be listed on the continuing education certificate by the PHRC.


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