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Where to Draw the Line with Thermal Boundaries

10/13/2015 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Instructor: Chris Hine (PHRC)


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A Thermal Boundary is a term used to describe when flow of heat is restricted or slowed which is accomplished through insulation and a continuous air barrier. This one hour webinar will start off by discussing the definition of a thermal boundary in regards to residential construction. Next, a brief plan review will be completed showing key elements and requirements of the thermal boundary along with applying the “pen test” on a house cross section. The webinar will finish up by reviewing code and above code check lists to ensure the thermal boundary is compliant at both the plan review stage and during construction. At the end of this webinar, one will know how to identify, inspect and properly construct a durable and effective thermal boundary.

Learning Objectives

1.   Understand how to locate the Thermal Boundary and ensure that it is continuous by reviewing the construction documents, in particular, the cross section.
2.   Understand why proper construction of a Thermal Boundary is important to the Health of not just the building assembly, but also the occupants.
3.   Understand the economic impact of a properly constructed Thermal Boundary through the reduction of heating and cooling costs.
4.   Recognize the code compliance paths. This will be delivered through reviewing construction documents along with pictures taken throughout the construction process.


Free to attend; $20 for continuing education credits

Credit Hours

1.0 L&I Contact Hour, 1.0 PDH, 1.0 AIA LU|HSW Hour

Tags: Energy Efficiency, Energy Codes, and Green Building



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