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Multifamily Design for Energy Star 3.0

6/11/2013 1:00-2:00 PM


Mike Turns


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This webinar will cover important considerations on which architects, engineers and multifamily builders should focus when designing multifamily buildings to meet the requirements of ENERGY STAR Version 3.0. Topics will include working with a HERS Rater, thermal bridging, foundation insulation, alignment of thermal and primary air barriers, and HVAC requirements. The webinar will focus primarily on residential buildings three stories or less that have dwelling units with independent HVAC systems and have individual utility meters. Builder incentives are available for these unit types across wide geographic areas of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will understand the process of ENERGY STAR V3.0 Certification for low rise Multifamily housing including: working with a HERS Rater, checklists submittals, and HVAC Contractor Certification
  • Participants will understand key elements to meeting the checklist requirements such as thermal bridging, foundation insulation design, and alignment of thermal and primary air barriers.
  • Participants will understand the benefits of meeting the ENERGY STAR certification guidelines such as marketing benefits and utility program incentives.
  • Participants will understand key elements of HVAC system design for meeting ENERGY STAR 3.0 Checklists, such as duct leakage testing, Manual J, D, and S requirements, and consequences of oversizing equipment


Free to attend; $20 for continuing education credits

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Tags: Energy Efficiency, Energy Codes, and Green Building



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