Uniform Load Testing Facility

The BCERL Lab includes a uniform load testing facility that utilizes air bladders to apply load to building components. This facility can aid in research on the effects of extreme wind, high pressure, and blast loading on envelope systems and building components. The facility consists of a steel frame for support and various-sized large air bladders that can be customized to meet the needs of different tests. Computer-control of pressure within the air bladder allows for uniform high pressure loading to be applied to the system under test. Loading profiles can include ramping or stepwise static pressure sequences until out-of-plane failure of envelope components is observed.

The facility can be used to test different types of building enclosures or roof systems. This facility is capable of applying pressure over the area of the specimen up to 20 psi. A wide range of sensors are available for use with the facility to monitor component or overall system parameters such as applied pressure, displacement, and strain.

Testing Capabilities

  • Investigation of blast resistant behavior of a panelized brick veneer steel stud wall system
Uniform Load Testing Facility
Uniform Load Testing Facility in Action


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