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Program Development

The PHRC will develop or update the following training programs. These programs will address issues challenging the residential construction industry (builders, developers, remodelers, building code officials, design professionals, materials suppliers, etc.).

HVAC Design and Installation

As new home construction introduces tighter and more efficient wall assemblies, the need for design and installation of efficient HVAC equipment is essential. With this flexible program, we will work with industry HVAC experts in creating a full day HVAC design and installation class which can also be delivered in two, half-day sessions, or one full-day session. This will be a second of a two-year project. Outside content experts will be consulted for assistance in development and final program review.

IRC Framing Design and Code Compliance

The design and implementation of many framing and structural details in residential construction is often taken for granted as experienced framers are relied upon to provide a code compliant light-frame structure. However, as trends continue to call for complicated floor plans and open concepts, components such as connections and the use of new engineered wood products require more attention and detailing. This full day workshop will take a look at the structural requirements of the IRC including connections, fasteners, hangers, wall bracing, as well as some fundamental light-frame design theory.

Recently Developed Programs

  • Residential Decks
  • Building with Exterior Rigid Foam
  • Residential Moisture Management: the 4D's
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