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Forced Air HVAC Systems: It’s More Than Just Hot Air [Archive]

4/23/2019 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Instructor: Dan Int-Hout III (Krueger), Christopher Hine (PHRC)


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The design of an HVAC forced air system goes beyond just heat calculations. If the delivered air cannot mix and effectively condition the space, there is a risk that the occupants will not be comfortable. In this webinar, we will look at forced air distribution systems from the air handler to diffusion grill. Items being discussed with include efficient use of duct work and understanding why choosing the correct diffuser is important to the distribution of conditioned air into a space.

Learning Objectives

  1. Review various code and standards related to the distribution of forced air systems.
  2. Understand why efficient distribution systems can greatly contribute to occupant comfort, lower energy consumption, and potential healthier living environments when tied to whole house mechanical ventilation.
  3. Learn about different types of forced air distribution systems and diffuser grills and how they can correctly be used supply conditioned air to spaces.
  4. Understand the importance of sealing distribution systems and how that can reduce the risk of introducing contaminated air to the conditioned spaced within the structure.


Free to attend; $20 for continuing education credit in live webinar

Credit Hours

Live Webinar: 1.0 L&I Contact Hour, 1.0 PDH, 1.0 AIA LU|HSW, 1.0 ICC Contact Hour (0.1 CEU), 1.0 NARI hour/CEU

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