Lab tour at Penn State

AddCon Lab Tour

The Additive Construction Lab (AddConLab) is a multidisciplinary, collaborative effort between the College of Engineering and the College of Arts and Architecture. The goal is to explore the use of additive manufacturing at construction scale. It explores two lines of research related to concrete- and clay-based mixtures and it addresses a multitude of issues concerning the design of materials, printing system, toolpath, structure, and building design.

The lab occupies an area of 250 m2 housed at Civil Infrastructure Testing and Evaluation Laboratory (CITEL). In the tour you will be able to meet the researchers, see the facilities, and watch a concrete part being printed. Some of the students who are taking Additive Manufacturing of Concrete Structures will be printing the structures they have designed for their final projects.

There are only 40 spots available for this lab tour from 4:30-7:00pm ET, and bus transportation leaving from The Penn Stater Hotel & Conference Center at 4:30pm ET will be provided to and from the lab. Cost is $20 to attend, and advance registration is required.

Date: Tuesday, March 1, 2022
Time: 4:30-7:00pm ET
Location: Civil Infrastructure Testing and Evaluation Laboratory (CITEL)
Cost: $20



The Pennsylvania Housing Research Center serves the home building industry and the residents of Pennsylvania by improving the quality and affordability of housing.

We conduct applied research, foster the development and commercialization of innovative technologies, and transfer appropriate technologies to the housing community.

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